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 Hall of Records

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PostSubject: Hall of Records   Wed Nov 07, 2007 5:02 pm

Make your Character here! I'll start!

Name: Kisagaru the White, formerly known as Kisagaru the Crimson
Age: Undeterminable as he looks as a 14 year old
Race: Vampire Master Mage
Equipment: Tsubaki and Garuda
Blackfire Swords (names in order by top right to left): Gory Crescent, Soul Demise, Soul Ripper, Eternal Demise, Betrayal, Beast Fang

Appearance: Kisa the White

Kisa the Crimson:

Flash Step: Allows Kisa to run from one area to annother without being seen. It is a skill that he has mastered over his long and advanced years
Crimson Aura: This Transforms Kisa into his crimson form, where he can transform into a dragon and use all fire and shadow abilities.

Vertuckt Abilities:
Burst Rage: Gives Kisa the strength of two of him, increases his speed, magic, and power immensley

Mastery of Fire, Wind, Ground, Ice, Darkness, and Light/Healing Magic
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:21 am

Name: Lucifer Cronin
Age: Around about 18 or 19.
Race: Underworld Hunters

weapon of choice: http://www.geocities.com/quixsilver8/Fantasy_Swords-Kilgorin_Sword2.JPG

Appearance: http://lore.layonara.com/portraits/no_image_h.jpg , doesn't really get seen a lot, just lurks in the darkness either ahead or behind the group

Abilities: Levitation, Fire blasts and other Fire related magic. Lucifer is able to camoflauge himself to blend in to all environments.

Specialties: Detecting traps, destroying wards, blocking all help/healing abilities and spells. Locking picking ANYTHING. [/url]
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:46 am

Gabriel valentis

race: elvish but now lycan
controller of fire and shadow
trained as an assasin and now lives as an outcast to all but his friends
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 7:18 am

(a little twist for me)

Name: Rayne An'dor
Age: 21
Race: Sirenic
Hair: Black, shoulder length
Eyes: Ceraluean
Build: Atheltic
Class: Sirenic Archer
Weapon of Choice: Fans, Grapple gun
Weapons: Sureallistic Fans, Grapple Gun
Appearance: A Dark red dress, with oriental designs on it also a thin black scarf tied through a ring in the back of the neck(will get a pic after school)

Abilites: flight, has wings due to her sirenic background, also the ability to draw males into a trance due to The Song of the Siren. Alos has Zephyrkensis and Aquakensis.

Grand Abilites:
Dance of Fate, uses her fans and herself to entrance any males they lose all sense of control and it normally ends up with them getting killed by the fan's sharp baldes

Silent Voice, She moves her hand softly across the neck of her opponet, then slams her hand through it and graps the voice's esssance and making them mute..

(god i forgot rest but here Rayne is..will get more up after school)
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:00 pm

Name: Cino
Race: Half Human/Half Demon
Age: 24
Class: Swordsman
Weapons: Twin bladed sword which can seperate to become dual swords.
A pistol with incindary rounds and normal rounds.
Appearance: Emerald green eyes with long, red spiked red hair that flows past his shoulders. He has a scar on the left of his face in the form of a rigid triangle. He wears a short black robe and a dark blue tattered trench coat. His gloves are thick and black bearing the same symbol as the scar on his face.
Personality: A loner amongst everyone. Usually keeps away from others and does not like to cause others harm or trouble. He easily welcomes friends even though he is usually alone. He is a kind soul, however in combat he unleashes his fury against his enemies.
History: His family was murdered at a young age of 8. Cino vowed revenge upon them however was never able to kill his family's assasains, he then made a pact with the demons of the underworld to betstow him the power to kill the assasains. He became a full fledged demon and hunted them down. He slaughtered them but, alas he could not become himself again. On his path of destruction as willed by the underworld gods, Cino encountered a young girl that stopped him with her powers. Terra was her name and was a skilled sorceress and was also beautfiul. She had long golden hair and sky blue eyes. She calmed Cino after defeating him in battle. She learned of everything and gave him sympathy. She cast a powerful spell that broke the pact I had committed to myself and purged me from my aggression. Cino became human again, however a few demon powers still resided in him. They both fell in love with each other, however she died after she was killed by a group of demons sent from the underworld because of what she had done. Cino has been on the journey to get her back no matter what.

If I think to extend the story for my character, I might.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:02 pm

Name: Mia
Age: 18
Body type: slim/slender
Hair: straight, long 'till the waist, brown hair with few lighter highlights.
Eyes: Green, but sometimes changing into light brown if it's sunny.
Race: Human
Class: White Mage

Appearance: Mia has small, cute face and she looks younger than she is which usually caused her problems. She liked to wear make up, but never used too much of it trying to look normal. On her lower back she had on small red rose tattoo that she made just a day after her 18th birthday. Her clothes were a tight light blue shirt and dark blue short skirt with three little flowers on the bottom.

Personality: Mia is nice girl who like to help others and doesn't ask for anything in return. She is optymist and tries to solve all the problems with smile on her lips.

Fighting Skills: She doesn't like to fight, as a White Mage she prefers to heal people.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:01 pm

Nice work guys. I'll be posting my profile soon. It's going to be totally revamped.

It's good to see more "infrequent" RPers like Mia and Zell with profiles so we can break you guys in a little more.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:03 pm

yeah. well, I'm going to be editing mine soon to make it better and smooth out any flaws. ^^

cant wait to see yours Vince.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 5:48 pm

I actually don't like making profiles.

It sorta pins a character into that one state until you update it.

I'll just leave you all with a description of his looks:



Purple shoulder length hair, lavender eyes, red cloak, blue tunic, and course slack pants.

Stature of an 18 year old boy.

Scrawny and kinda gangly, no muscles to speak of.
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Silent Contemplation


Male Number of posts : 2885
Age : 25
Location : Hidden In The Darkness
Job/hobbies : Guitar, Videogames, Listening to music for hours on end.
Biography : I'm a music lover, music is my life. I love to rp, and I'm crazy sometimes. But, I'm nice mostly ^^.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:27 pm

I'm gonna go ahead and re-do my current profile to make it better ^^

Name: Kisagaru the White, formerly known as Kisagaru the Crimson
Age: Undeterminable, as he looks as a 14 year old.
Race: Vampire
Class: Master Mage
Tsubeki- A large Fire blade
Garuda- A large Wind blade

Blackfire Swords (from top right to top left, then bottom right to bottom left):
Gory Crescent, Soultrap, Soulsplit, Infinite-Cruelty, Betrayal, Berserker Fang


Dark Abyss

Kisagaru the White

Kisagaru the Crimson (when Crimson Blast is in effect)

Kisagaru the Black (when Darkness Envelops is in effect)

Flash Step: A move simmilar to Teleport, this move uses burst of Kisagaru's speed to propel him far distances at incredible, unseen speeds. This ability he can use any time, because he has mastered it over his long advanced years.
Crimson Blast: Similar to a Crimson haze, this move transforms Kisa into his Fire Sage form, and allows him to use Fire magic to its fullest extent, as well as his forbidden fire magic.
Burst Rage: A skil atained when he became a Vertuckt, this move magnifies his speed, power, magic, and senses tenfold for a period of time.
Elemental Armor: An attack that is also used for defense, this allows Kisa to make any element he can use into an armor that protects his body, and can be used as a weapon if needed.
Element Blades: This ability allows Kisa to turn any element around him into a blade, that attaches to either his right or left arm, to be used as a weapon. These blades can be easily removed, but are almost impossible to greak, because some of Kisa's power is put into the blades to make them stronger and more durable.
Fallen Angel: This ability, attained when he mastered his Darkness elemental abilities, allows him to sprout Raven wings to fly about. Also, these wings can be either white or black, as he is both Dark and Light at the same time.
Hail of Blades: One of his most powerful moves, this move summons a grave of swords around Kisagaru and his opponnent. The blades are controlled by Kisagaru's will, and they never break. The move uses a little power, but is extremely deadly and effective.

Darkness Envelops: A move attained by Kisagaru after he had mastered his Elemental powers, this allows him to transform into a Darkness Elemental, and gives him the power touse Darkness to its fullest potential. In this form, Kisagaru's magic is increased tenfold, and extremely leathal if it connects.

Kisagaru the Crimson's Magic

Hellfire- this is a weak spell to him, this is his weakest spell. This lets loose a fire from Hell to consume his enemies.

Hell Rising- an attack that lets loose the creatures from the deepest pit of Hell, and uses Hell's fire continuously while the beasts attack the opponent.

All Shall End- Causes a barrier of Hellfire to arise around him and his enemies, and can be used as a barricade, and a weapon. The fire can be used to make weapons, as well as sheilds to fight and defend. There are 2 parts to this attack:
Twin Immortal Fire- Two Hellfires come out, and swirl around Kisa. With these, he can use them, by letting them move on thir own and attack, which speed is amazing, or he can direct them with his hands, and the speed is doubled, allowin him to close in and attack easily without much effort.

Final Affliction- This is when he gets serious. This part of the attack surrenders all defence, and devotes it only to attack. This is when the barrier of Hellfire is made. It can be used to make any weapon out of its depths, and is normally used to make his blackfire swords, by drencing it with his darkness powers. This attack alone takes up almost all his energy, even in Beast form.

The End of Time- His strongest Fire attack, Kisa uses all his strength, and focouses it, making him ten times stronger. With this ttack, Hellfires, usually 10 or 15, come out of portals, and he can direct them himself, or let them roam. After this stage of the attack, he can bring all of them together, and use them in one attack. A perfected version of Hellfire combined with Final Decimation, its an unbilevably powerful attack, rarely ever used.

Someite Taisho- an attack used only once in his lifetime, it takes the fire from Hell, and all the souls of the dead come screaming and wailing from the depths, to his aid. they combine in one slash, that is unimaginably powerful. So powerful, the last time he used it, he almost destroyed all of Hell, and half of Earth.

Kisagaru the Crimson's transformations
The Beast- The Beast first became part of Kisa when he was killed and sent to Hell. Kisa was trained to master Hellfire, as well as every other Fire there was, in Hell. The man that had taught him all this, also told him the way to get out of Hell, and the only way. He had to kill Lucifer's right hand man, a Dragon God, named Zhako. When Kisa learned this, he trained for years under him, and eventually had gained his trust. One day, when he was training with him, Kisa attacked. They had a feirce battle, but Kisa overcame him, for one sole reason: Zhako had taught Kisa all of his magic, and Kisa had made ways to counter it. The battle they had raged for days, untill thy were both depleted of energy. Kisa used his last amount of strength to trick Zhako into thinking he was dead, from overexerting himself. Then, when his guard was down, Kisa used his Hellfire attack, killing the dragon. But, Zhako had a little power left in him. He used the last of his strength to put his soul into Kisa, making him living, but controlled by Kisa. Therefore, Kisa became half Dragon God, and escaped from Hell.

Immortal Form- Kisa attained his Immortal form when he had become powerful enough to escape from Hell. In his Immortal form, he is five times as powerful, and is a master of every magic he knows. This form, is his true form, but he stays in his Vampire form, to remind himself of his past.

Immortal-Dragon Form- This form was only used once, when fighting against Nick, in his fight to save the world. This form is only used when Kisa is so near to death, that it is inexcapable. He only uses this form to stay alive, but cannot stay in it for long. His power and magic skills are unimaginable when he is in this form, which is the reason he uses it ony in dire situations.

Master of Fire
Master of Ice
Master of Earth
Master of Darkness
Master of Wind
Master of Light
Master of Healing
Master of Vampire Magic
Master of Necromancy
Master of Destruction magic

Last edited by on Sun Nov 11, 2007 2:03 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:31 pm

Just finshed mine. Plan to do it over ^^

Name: Hikari, Asuka

Age: 16 going on 17





Weapons: She carries a mystic blade known as Twilights Angel. But she is not only a sword wielder, she carries smaller weapons such as shuriken and kunai. Another trade mark weapon is her giant shuriken although she doesn’t use it much.

Special abilities and powers: Not only is Asuka blessed with the art and style of a ninja and sword wielder, she can also cast many forms of magic, and control several elements. She is also a telepath and physic. But none of things compare to her dark magic, her strength and power comes from the darkness and this is why she is very talented in the dark arts.

Personality Asuka isn’t your average sweet and caring girl, oh she is the complete opposite of that said statement. She is cold dark and ruthless, no matter what she always gets what she wants no matter what or who she has to go through to get it. Those who have yet to meet her should be warned. She hates being annoyed or bothered.

Bio: Like stated before, Asuka is a very strange yet powerful young girl. She is cold and unfeeling this probably because she is alone and hasn’t got anyone in the world. No parents, no friends nothing. She grew up fending for herself and living alone. She was also born with many abilities such as knowing magic; having control over the elements she even trained and became a very good fighter when she got older. Another little detail about her is that when she was younger something happened to her, something bad. Because of her emotions, her sorrows and pains everything caused her to become consumed by the darkness thus creating her darker and much more evil alter ego that even Asuka herself fears. Her prized item would have to be the pendant that hangs around her neck. This item is very important to her but no one but her seems to know why once in awhile she will look down at it and comment about something but nothing more. If Asuka's pendent just happens to be taken off of her well it won’t be pretty.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Thu Nov 08, 2007 11:28 pm

Alright, here's my main character!

Name: Mieli Vilppi

Appearance: Mieli appears to be an average man not too muscular or too large, but his apperance is not an indicator of his speed or strength. Mieli has long black hair he lets hang loose at all times. His eyes have a changing hue that reflects his mood, but they normally remain a stoic gray devoid of all emotion. For clothing, he loves his black leather trench coat open over his black silk shirt. He sticks to the casual black denim for pants, with tall black engineer's boots with four buckles each running up his shins. On each side of his waist hangs sheathes for his two swords kuolema and kulkutautti. Mieli doesn't use much in the way of armor, excluding his two white gauntlets which have retracting spikes powered by his will.

Mieli is also known to have a supernatrual appearance. This is rarely seen and is only possible for him to use in Asgard the realm of Gods, Niflheim the realm of devils, or in the prescence of another supernatrual being who has already broken the divinity void. Mieli's supernatrual appearance combines his two races the Aesir and the Jotun. His Aesirian traits are seen in his ever changing eyes and magical abilities. His Jotun traits are the simple sizes of a giant which bestows upon him excellent physical strength capable of holding and using the ragnarok great sword. While in Aesir/Jotun form, Mieli is witnessed to wearing a gold crown with the twisted symbol of infinity representing the eternal reign of the Aesir over all life. To enhance this, Mieli wears a bright red shirt with a black cloak both lined in gold. Mieli's pants are the basic black with small shield's sown into them. Underneath his red shirt a gold chainmail vest has been revealed with a redish tint which hints of orichalcum.

Weapons: Mieli has been witnessed to using four different weapons. In human form, he has only used his two swords kuolema and kulkutautti. They are shiny obidian black with a riveted shaped with a bright red color running on the outside edge of the rivets. These two swords are dangerous when their slash hits as the rivted blades leave very jagged wounds which are so difficult to close.

Aesir/Jotun Mieli uses two weapons. A great sword known as the ragnarok and the divine lance gungir. The ragnarok sword is forged from gold and orichalcum giving it the ability to absorb magical spells as cast them on his its target. The divine lance gungir is mainly used a projectile weapon, but it must not always be thrown. Mieli's known technique zantezuan will send waves of magical energy at his opponent knocking them off their feet.

Abilities: Mieli is limited largely to ice and wind magic. He can use ice magic to heal as it corresponds with his favorable element, or he can use it to attack, either by freezing his opponent still or as a harmful physical projectiles. Mieli can both create and manipulate ice. Mieli uses wind to move objects and use the force of nature selectively. Mieli's most impressive ability is call ancient nordic figures to life and use their own abilities to his advantage. He's been witnessed to using Yggdrasil's healing through the grounds of life, Thor's unbelieveable thunderstrom, Odin's capital punishment of raining blades, and Loki's absolute chaos which wreaks havoc of all different elemental forces leaving the world in complete disarray.

History: Mieli's childhood consisted of a life in Niflhalla in Asgard a bordertown between the God's Asgard and the Jotun's Niflhalla. The winter's were so cold residents were frozen inside their homes for months on end. Those who could not bear the isolation commited suicide, and those bodies if not disposed quickly enough. This was the case of Mieli's father who turned zombie and killed all of his family except Mieli himself, who escaped by way of chance. Mieli has had few but painful memories revealed in the demon god Nick's Hall of Despair, and gained his control of ancient God's through the knowledge of the former world tree Yggdrasil. Upon Yggdrasil's destruction by the evil mage Erk, Mieli now remains the last surviving Aesir God. He watches over Midgard protecting it from ever experiecing such harm.

Alternative: In a time before record, there is mention of a figure named Mieli in the world of Spira who was guardian to a summoner named Shinu. Both of which remain lost in Spira's history. It is believed that Mieli was considered an ontological anomaly as it is believed that after his soul was taken from it's living body, he still moved interacted and journeyed alongside his summoner. Studies only anticipate the possibilities of this unknown Mieli's ontological state of being.

Pleasures: Smoking, drinking, and any intoxicating vice. He's especially fond of dank weed. To support this, in Asgard Mieli was known as a philosophical scholar of metaphysics and cosmology in Niflheim who had unusul theories accounting for the reality of conscious experience.

Pains: Lying, ignorance, and unwillingness. Mieli is easily irritated by daft individuals who have little respect for knowledge and no original ideas. He's also quite pained by the boredom of sobriety. His diet is somewhat strange as he prefers to eat noncomplex foods of very simple ingredients. He prefers animal meats to anything grown out of the ground as he feels he robs the planet of Yggdrasil's grace when life is pulled straight out of the ground.
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PostSubject: Rp character, redone   Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:29 am

I just redid it again, not like anyone may notice it lol

Name: Netuga Larithos
Age:Looks 21 real age forgotten

Race:half-human or half dragon

Appearance: Dark hair, white shirt and pants followed by a white coat with a hood and brown leather gloves with strange markings of unknown origin on them, think something along the line of the guy from assasin's creed and you'll get the idea

History:Son of a human and a half-dragon, his kind of half-breed had long been rejected and when his parents were killed due to their lineage, he went into hiding, developing his rare gift and strange powers. One of the leading figures in the great draconian(half dragon) revolution which aimed to unite all draconians world-wide in defence against the human purges. However due to his long life he did not stay in the new draconian created city for long. The the only thing he could do was wander the earth. Hoping to get stronger so that he can protect himself from the world's great evils and to one day break the biasness against his kind so that the remaining few of his kind may live in peace on this earth.

Powers:His, like his kind has gained the gift of immortality.
However, he inherited one of the rarer gifts of his people. Partial reality bending powers.(Imagine duel master creatures bring brought into our world or being attacked by trees.)
Other than that, he is a master of alchemy and machinery, capable of building automatons from just about anything and of course there is also his favourite coin based series, consisting of explosive coins and coin shaped warps and such.
Master of fire magic due to his kind having an affliation to fire but unable to cast magic of any other kind

Weapons:Whatever he has on hand though he always has a cache of explosive coins hidden with him.

Personality:Serious and coolheaded but soft-hearted, cant really resist helping those in need. Though he does not hate humans he still does not trust them fully. Extremely curious when it comes to technology and has been known to rip things apart to find out how they tick. Likes to tinker with machinery and herbs but dosent like to be interuppted during that time.

Last edited by Unknown on Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:44 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : remaking Rp character)
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:04 am

Name: Quianna Lane

Age: 20

Height: 5 feet, 8 inches

Weight: 127 lbs

Hair: Her hair is a dark garnet red, almost black at times. It is
long, but she keeps it up high on the back of her head, with
the exception of one large-ish chunk by her left eye.

Eye Color: She has black eyes, with a small ring of a dark wine
color around the pupil.

Appearance: Quianna is tall and slim; well built and toned, but falling
short of either muscular or bony. She uses only very
simple make-up in shades of black and crimson, to play up
the extreme paleness of her skin. She wears a dark,
spaghetti strap dress that fades from garnet to black,and
reaches to mid-thigh, with a straight, plain cut. The upper
and lower back of the dress are cut to show some skin,
and there are silver accents around the bust and
hemline.Her outfit is completed with a pair of matching,
knee-high boots with stacked heels, about an inch and a
half high; a simple silver arm band on each arm, and a
dark, very gothic necklace with a large celtic cross.

Personality: Quianna is friendly, but very reserved. She doesn't share
much about herself, and does not grant her trust until she
feels it is earned. She longs to "fit in" with those around
her, and has not yet learned to appreciate her own unique

Weapons: Quianna carries two ornate swords for close combat,
both Elvaan in style, with Elvish writing on their blades. She
is very possessive of her swords, and will let no one else
handle them. When not in use, she keeps them sheathed
criss-cross style on her back.

Abilities: Quianna is a master in elemental magic. She is skilled
enough in healing, enabling, and enhancing magic to get by
on her own, but is in no way self-sufficient.

Background: Quianna was raised in a small town by her human
father and her Elvaan mother. At the age of 7, the other
children in the town began to tease her because of her
increasingly evident Elvaan heritage. Ostrisized by her
playmates, Quianna grew quiet and pensive. Her parents
decided that she should go with her mother to live with her
Elvaan relatives in the far western forests of the country.
For the past thirteen years, Quianna has lived with the
elves, studying and training in the arts of swordplay and
magic. But even now, she holds herself apart from
everyone around her, always feeling that she doesn't quite
fit in.
And so it is that Quianna has set out on her own to find
acceptance and adventure, and to discover who she really
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:06 pm

Ok... here`ll be my profile:

Name: EnanoMaldito
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: half-Demon, half-Human

About EnanoMaldito:
He likes loneliness, however, his partner, Yukihime, a beatiful 15 years old girl, has brought great happiness to his life, it is said they are in love, although none of the two ever mentioned something about loving each other, Enano sees that kind of things as a sign of weakness.With each passing battle, Enano and Yukihime get closer, their will to protect the other is said to be the strenght that makes them invincible in battle. They won´t regret it if they both die in the battlefield, they´ll both have their well-earned long sleep, together, where there was no weakness to show, where they could tell each other how much they loved each other.

EnanoMaldito has a secret, a secret only Yukihime knows, a secret Yukihime never wishes to prove its true. Enano´s half Demon part is trapped in Zakaguchi, one of his two Kodachis, the one he wields in the left hand. If the sword is ever to be broken, his Demon part shall be free, and he won´t recognize friend from enemy. Enano has told Yukihime that if anyday her life was in danger, he would brake the Kodachi himself, unleashing the Demon´s Rage, saving her life, though exposing himself to being killed by anyone, however, the girl told him that he would prefer to die before seing him as a Demon. Enano hopes the day that he will be able to control the Demon inside him will come, and at that time, he will be sure he will be able to protect Yuki from anyone, and confessing to her how much he loves her.

He is medium height, with long dark black hair, red eyes and is always wering a a black tunic with some red cloaks and stuff over it. His eyes show loneliness, though at the time of speaking to Yukihime, his eyes are full of happiness, and cheerfulness.

Weapons and Attributes:
He uses twin Kodachis, called Zakaguchi and Zehuroichi. This swords have been inherited from his father, and he has never left them, he even sleeps with his twin Kodachis. He is known for his speed and agility. Although they say he is not strong enough to wield a Longsword, he has shown great strenght of Soul carrying fallen comrades and great strenght of will, a will to protect the girl she loves, a strenght that led them to uncountable victories.

Kaiten Kembu: Enano runs in circles around his opponent, for him to see a lot of Enanos, taking advantage of the situacion and striking very quickly with both Kodachis
Onmyou Hasshi: The two Kodachis are thrown at the enemy, one exactly behind the other, being impossible to see for the opponent and making it almost impossible to block
Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren: Basically its Kaiten Kenbu but instead of striking once with each Kodachi, strikes twice, making four deep wound to the opponent. This Technique requires great skill.
Shukuchi: Instant attack in cross-form with the two Kodachis, immediatelly after a block, passing from a defensive to an offensive stance.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:15 pm

Name: Ricky Ygaro

Age: 24

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170 lbs

Race: Human

Appearance: He has spiky black hair which is fairly short and has brown eyes. He has an atheletic build and doesn't look particuarly strong, but he's a damn sight stronger than he looks. He also has a large scar that on his back that was cut open by his rival. He was offered to have it removed, but refused to remind him of what he fights for

Clothes: His normal clothing is a black t-shirt, with a small blue insignia on the side of his shoulder, black gloves, dark combat trousers with a black belt and wears black boots. (Not particuarly original, but hey). He also carries a sword sheath on his back at all times, so he is ready for battle at any moment.

Weapons: Uses a dragon sword, which he looted from his (now deceased) rival, that was used to kill many of his friends earlier in his past. He also carries two 50 cal. Desert Eagles.

Personality: He used to be quite a friendly person, if a bit shy, but he was popular, made friends easily and always helped them out in a problem. However, since most of them were killed by his rival, he has lost many of the friends that he still had alive. He is now mainly cold hearted and won't trust someone until he knows them through battle to show they won't betray him. However, now once they become his friend, he'll try and stick with them, no matter what.

Background: Ricky had a happy upbringing and excelled in all subjects at school. He had a promising future, until he decided to join a warrior school, where he was taught how to fight. He made friends there and became incredibly popular, apart from one man, who despised him. 7 months after he had finished his training, his rival killed many his friends in a hope to destroy Ricky in the process. He succeeded, but not in the way he had hoped. Eventually, Ricky tracked his rival and killed him in a fight. It didn't come without a price, however. During the fight, his back was cut open deeply. He managed to deliver a final strike into his rival that almost killed Ricky in the process. After being healed back at the academy and his rivals possesions taken there, Ricky woke up from his coma, took his possessions, his rivals sword and disappeared into the night without a trace. He searched the land for training and found it, eventually becoming one of the greatest swordsmen on earth. It was with this power that he set up a group of warriors, who would try and rid the world of evil and not become it in the process.

Also, i'm hoping to do an RP involving Rickys past at some time later on, if any of you guys would join?

Enjoys: Music, fighting, relaxing

Dislikes: Reading
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:53 pm

Name: Lucian Grieves
Age: 25
Height: 6'
Weight: 170lbs




Weapon (longer hilt, and his blade glows crimson after he powers it)

Since the death of Johnathan Grieves, his father, Lucian lost alot of his fire. He is usually depressed, but his sense of justice is still burning strong within him. He is very polite, sweet, and kind hearted, but there is a darkness inside him. Lucian is usually quiet, sitting alone, reading his book.

Fighting Style
Lucian wields his sword with one hand. The blade is tilted up, pointing at the opponent, and his body is shifted back. His eyes never look away from his opponent and digs in to the ground with his feet, leaving his free hand for punches and spells.

Lucian has been alone his whole life. His mother died at birth, and his father left him at 10, thought to be dead. Since then he took his blade and set out on the world alone, surviving with only his swordsmanship. During the human-elven war he used his blade to fight against the elves. Because of his crimson hair and the crimson aura Lucian became known as the Crimson Blade, an elves worst nightmare and a hero to Humans.
That was the first time he fought someone he thought was worthy, Kisagaru. It is because of Kisagaru that Lucian continued to live, he found purpose in trying to be stronger so that he would fight Kisagaru in battle again.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Fri Nov 16, 2007 7:07 pm

Hello all. I just wanted to issue a reminder that If you're updating your character, please edit your posts and change them.

The exception to this is if it's a complete revamp, and you don't want your old character to be lost.

Also, if you want to add a new character, please just add it to the same post as your previous character (if possible. I understand there may be character limitations per post).

This is to reduce clutter in here so profiles can be found quickly and easily for reference.

Thank you for your compliance, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Sat Nov 17, 2007 8:31 pm

I'm redoing mine. Kisa looks too much like God. thank you to all who showed me that! ^^

Name: Kisagaru Konomamaru
Age: undeterminable as he looks only as a 14 year old
Race: Vampire
Class: Mage
Weapons: Tsubeki and Garuda:
Magic: Fire and Ice
Description: even though Fire and Ice contradict each other, Kisagaru can use both.
Appearance: about 6', always clothed in white. pale and thin, he isnt muscular but he has strength
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:17 pm

Name: Nova
Age: Around seventeen. Nova tends to lie about her age, and changes it frequently, never remembering what she tells people. She sort of... lost track of her real age.
Race: Human

Equipment: Nova typically doesn't carry any sort of weapons on her. Rather, she uses whatever she can get her hands on, and if she can't get her hands on anything, she fights using her hands and feet.

Abilities: Nova possesses strange markings on both hands, which are normally a dark green in color, but glow bright red when her powers are activated. When this happens, long, ribbon-like strands of what appears to be red light form on her hands. These ribbons are flexible, and whip-like although they cut and slice, much like a blade would.

Nova's abilities are erratic, however, as she really has no idea how they work.


[The picture is crappy and I only spent about ten minutes on it. I'll draw a better picture of her later.]

Personality: Spunky and energetic, Nova can't sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. She's constantly fidgeting as if unable to contain all the energy that's built up inside her. She's carefree and impulsive, often doing things without thinking them through first. She's very stubborn and extremely determined. As such, once she's set on something, it's harder than hell to get her to change her mind. Nova is generally optimistic, though she's hot-headed and it isn't hard to upset her. She also has a tendency to get attached to people easily, and she's very clingy.

History: The first fifteen years or so of Nova's life are incredibly fuzzy to her and she has hardly any memories of her childhood. For the remainder of her life - the part she does remember - she's been wandering around with no particular destination.

[I didn't really spend much time with her history, so I'll add stuff/edit it later if need be. My main intention was to have her memories returned/figured out throughout the course of whatever roleplay(s) she's in. owo;]

[I have no clue what I'll use her in yet, but I'll find something!]

[Psst... XDD SC! The guy you used for Kisaguru's picture on the first page is a Hyung-Tae Kim picture. n_n~ *Idolizes Hyung-Tae Kim*]
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Wed Nov 21, 2007 10:44 pm

Wepons:his ruby claw and his two swords
Powers that only he can use:his green and black fire, and his Dark claw
Class:King of Phyeria(keeps it on the low only tells people close to him.)
Bio:mother died in sythe atack, fathrer died during a tornament when a phyero betrayed him and killed him in his sleep, all four of his brothers are in the war between the sythes and the phyeros and the sythes, his brothe Asorith is the king of the sythes and the other three are in the top 13 phyeros
Relationships:he is curently with Dre Kairi Hsadow, and every one else besides his brothers are just good friends, and him and Asorith curently are trying to kill each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:11 pm

Boy did I miss this! XD


Name- Mikah (Mike-uh)

Age- 15

Apperance- Long crismon colored hair that goes down to her hips. Heart shaped face with brown eyes speckled with a dull green. She's pale and has a few freckles. Mikah is about 5'4, and weighs about 115 pounds (tallish and slender.) Very flexible. She nornally wears skin-tight, low-rise red pants and a black V-neck tank top.

Biography- Her parents abandoned her when she was 10 years old. Since, she had wandered from place to place, rarely spending more than 2 days in one home. She never found out why her parents left, and made it her life's ambition to find out.

Weapon(s)- She uses a pistol, and is trained with steel.

Personality- Mikah is a very happy-go-lucky girl. She trusts too easily,is a klutz, and loves to be the center of attention. She gets into a lot of trouble. Lives to please and is waiting for the right guy to come stumbling into her life.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:06 pm

name: marig
age: 28
race: undead human
class: undead spell warrior, deaths bodyguard

appearance (human):
fire red hair which has a strange glow to it, red eyes, smallish nose, medium sized mouth. is about 6 ft tall and weighs 9 and a half stone. always wears black clothes and has a dark leather coat on him that drags across the floor. his boots have a devil face imprinted on them and his trousers have black chains hanging from them. always carries one of his weapons with him. when marig takes off the coat this means that he is preparing to flying as he has wings that look like his hell fire dragons but smaller.

(dragon): 50 foot tall with spikes traveling from the top of his neck to the end of his tall. dark red with wings (30foot each) claws on its fore limbs look like they are made from metal and are harder then titanium. hind legs are thick as a old oak tree and the claws on these are smaller then the fore limbs but thicker. the fangs are razor sharp and cut through most thing including crystal. Numerous scars lie embedded within then dragons body as a result from the many battles it has participated in.

(undead) same height as marig and has the same facial appearance but the overall body as several differences. marigs top row of teeth as 2 sharp fangs growing out of it. there is no coat and two skeletal wings are appearing from the shoulder blades. his right arm is like his dragons fore limbs but is the same length as his left arm but the claws are 10cm long. his skin is white and eyes are black.

weapons of choice
prefers a number of weapons, these are:

spear on its own : sabikikiru
scythe : biruminu
dual swords : kitchikawa & riukenji

magic: fire, dark, death,protective and healing,

abilities :
dark power - this ability allows marig to change his form into anything he wants
fire power - makes marig resistant to fire based attacks and makes marig's power increase to 13 times his original power
deaths power - marig becomes stronger and quicker then he was before (about 10x) and has ability to make anyway weapon have the darkness element

past: altho he was orphaned wen he was 1 he has grew up to be polite and gentle. but he does enjoy the thrill of a good fight which lead him to death. death is the only 1 who has ever defeated marig and with this he became deaths body guard. marig will give his life to death and is a good friend to those who befriend him.

personality: polite, caring, enjoys fighting, looks out for those close to him.
would do anything for his closet friends and his current master, a bit of a gambler.

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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:13 pm

Name : Enzeru Fendayva
Age : 19
Height : 5'4" (164 CM)
Weight : 120 lbs (54 kg)
Blood Type : AB
Weapon(s) : Silver Spiral Dragon Katana (click) -- Offensive
a Tiger Wakizashi (click) -- Defensive
Accompanied by a pair of throwing knives buried in the knuckles of her gloves

Personality :
* Stubborn
* Introverted
* Only open to an exclusive few
* Doesn't put her faith in anyone but her iron will

Appearance :

+ TEAL coloured hair that reaches her hips
+ Turquoise colour eyes with tints of silver
+ Underwater materia is embedded in her belly button
+ Ruffled skirt with a butterfly embroidered on the front flap
+ The kanzashi (hair ornament) changes colour due to the amount
of moisture in the air

Biography :
- Father deemed MIA from military
- Mother was abusive so she ran away from home
- An ex-soldier adopted Enz and taught her how to fight
- When she grew older, Enzeru joined a rebel group against
the government, which resulted in the slaughter of her adopted
father's town (and his murder).
- She was then rumored to be the one who killed the entire village,
since she was the only one alive from that village
- Enzeru now is questing for the people who killed her father
and the townspeople


Name : Alessandra Fife
Age : 20
Height : 5'8" (176 cm)
Weight : 115 lbs (52 kg)
Blood Type : A
Weapon(s) :
Doesn't possess any magic or fighting abilities.
(must be accompanied with someone at all times)

Personality :
* Doesn't trust easily
* Speaks her mind
* Social
* Indecisive

Appearance :

+ Auburn coloured hair
+ Emerald green eyes
+ Two faux Phoenix pinions + red star tiara headdress
+ Red corset with black netting

Biography :
- Comes from a rich family
- Works at an infamous opera house
- Father was recently murdered
- Mother has gone missing
- Currently being targeted


all RPC's are created by me,
and RPC art is property of both
the artists and me.
please don't steal art.
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Mon Dec 10, 2007 7:41 pm

Name: Ruki Knight
Age: 19
Height: 5'3
Weight: 118
Bloodtype: AB
Weapon(s): A silvery, white staff for attacking and a locked, tattered, black book for spells.
Personality: Mischievous, stubborn, level-headed, dependable, likes to be alone when sad.
Appearance: Shoulder-length, white hair, bright, blue eyes, tanned skin, medium-frame body, and a white, heart tattoo on her right cheek; wears a black and white jester hat, a white tank top with two pockets on the chest, a short, white skirt with two pockets on the side, a black leather belt across the skirt, wooden sandels with black lace tied around her ankles, a silver locket around her a neck, a silver pocket watch hung on her waist, two silver bracelets on her left wrist, and black stud earrings.
Biography: (I'll come back to this x.x)
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Hall of Records
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