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So after 3 years, 50000 posts and over 1000 topics later, with one of the best and closest communities on the web, FFDiscussion has closed on the 1st December 2010

Home to final fantasy talks and much more. Rp, thread games, general chat, and show off sections are all active. Enjoy the community!
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 Hall of Records

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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:02 pm

Name: Éclair Maria Irvine
Nickname: Just Clair. Call me Éclair and your dead.
Gender: Female
: 24
: Bullet Witch
: Mercenary / Gun Slinger


Body type: Slender and Toned
Hair Color: Black. Long Fringes and a choppy hair style that makes it look like it’s short from a face view, but back it actually reaches her hips.

Eye Color: A light lavender color.
Vision: Wears glasses but when fighting takes them off. She’s near sighted.

Height: 5’6
Weight: 120
Style of dress:
Choker - Black
Lace - White
Chain - Silver
Star Pendent - Silver
Bullet- Red

Corset- Black

Jacket- Black
Jacket Lining - Dark purple
Jacket designs - Red
Bands- White
Lace - Red

Shorts - Black
Belt - Silver
Weird Outline thing coming up over the belt line - Red

Stockings- Black
Boots - Black
Boot lining- Red
Bottom half of the boots - Red

Glasses Frame - Black

Personal hygiene: Very Neat. Doesn’t like to work up a sweat and would instantly demand a bath.
Style of movement: She’s very graceful, and fast. A ball of Reflex.

Speech: Clam and almost lulling. She never raises her voice even when she’s mad. Less she really loses it (which is very hard to do.)
Personality: Clair has the superior air around her. She doesn’t care what one person thinks and usually thinks up of something that would benefit her or the situation. She’s calm and even when mad or stress, she seems like she’s taking it better then what she’s really displaying. On the inside she’s cursing you or the reason for her unpleasantness. She’s very prideful and rarely gets attached to anyone, or thing. She almost seems perfect, though she has a few weaknesses that she would rather die than disclose. Clair loves her appearance and loves herself.
What does she want:
~ Money
~ Anything that benefits her current goal
~ Her memories
~ Power
What is she most afraid of:
- Getting to attached to someone

-Losing the person she gets attached to
How far will she go to get what she wants:
Lie – Yeah.
Cheat – Duh.
Steal – Stealing is fun, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
Betray – Depending on what our relationship is maybe not.
Kill – If I have to then I will.

What does the character need:
A bath ready on hand after a job or a work out and money to buy all my lovely little toys and outfits.
For whom would she break the law:
~ Herself

~ Anyone that she had managed to grow really, really, attached to.
How far would she go to hide her deepest secret:
What kind of trouble does she get into:
~ Legal trouble
~ Mortal danger
~ Takes on someone else’s troubles (Again if she grows attached to them)
~ Plunges into danger (If it’s profitable to her)

Bio: Sorry. Your going to have to find out yourself.

Weapons and abilities

Rushing Roulette – A special type of revolver that was modified to shoot both normal type bullets and enchanted bullets.
Enchant – The ability to enchant her bullets.

Types of bullets

Healing Bullet [Bullet 01.] – Is able to heal the body of all injuries.
Angelic Wings [Bullet 02.] – A bullet that would be able to make a person sprout wings and fly for a limited amount of time.
Steel [Bullet 03.] – The Ability to temporarily make a person’s skin become a steel substance to deflect bullets and lessen blade like attack damages. It will slightly interfere with one’s weight and speed.
Demonic Strength [Bullet 04.] – The ability to enhance one’s strength to match that of a demon. Side effects while bullet power is in use is possibly taking on a bit of an appearance of a demon such as slit like pupils, growth of horns, development of claws. Etc.
Enchanting Bullet [Bullet 05.] – The bullet in which will enchant things to do your bidding and such.
Summoning Bullet [Bullet 06.] – The bullet to summon creatures of various forms from the summoning planes.
Restoring Life [Forbidden Bullet 07.] – Restoring life into the dead for a brief period of time. A bullet that is forbidden due it being the crossing line of playing god. If the Restoring life bullet is used, the spirit will only be able alive for a short amount of time before the underworld Reapers come to take away their spirits

[More bullets will be added once Eclair develops more]

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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:29 pm

[Just gonna rewrite it on this account for now.]

Name: Zaccheus F. Ensis
Even he has forgot now.
Height: 6'1"
Mutated hybrid Shadowblade
[will go into detail in history]
Warrior/ Merc
Never brings one into battle.
of midnight plate, a armor that seems to absorb light around it,
shadowing the body in a strange dark Veil. In addition, it keeps totally

See above. He wears midnight
plate armored arms. He has a tattoo of his family crest on his left pec
which is surrounded by multiple scars which you can't really see anyway
due to his shirt. His eyes are piercing green.


He has been around for quite sometime, and he has been able to perfect
every ability his race has given him. He has the ability of absurd
umbrakenesis and umbragenesis [shadow and darkness control and
generation]. He has been able to use these abilities in such a way, that
he can actually teleport between shadows. He is a weapons master and
besides these abilities, he has a few which he keeps secret.

Business first, questions later

His mother
was an arch angel, his father, a dragon-kin with a demon lineage. Right
after his birth, his father was sentenced to death for the sacrilege
birth, letting Zaccheus reside with his mother in heaven, seeming on how
he took the half human form of an angel, wings and all. All went well
up until they found out about his mother dark courtship, thus heaven
killed her off as he watched, this awakening his demonic genes, he
attacked his mothers killer and killed them. Heaven ruled that he didn't
know what he did, and that he was the product of a unholy union, thus
throwing him in heavens top prison, a jail of nothingness, and semi
nonexistence. where he stayed for about 2174 years up until he embraced
nonexistence and his genes all awakened at once, the union of angel and
demon only worked due to the draconian genes inside him, it keeps the
fighting between his sides down. He did something that he shouldn't
have, he commanded the absence of anything, the absence of light, and
shadow-ported out of the prison and into a large field where he
immediately passed out. Upon waking, he vowed to make heaven cower under
his power, and set out on his journey to become the most powerful
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:10 pm

Name: Maion
Age: Looks at least 20
Height: 5'7
Weight: 116
Eye color: Icey
Weakness: Blind
Creature: Celestial being
Weapon choice: Brass knuckles
Clothing type: Flowy gowns, made of moon beams.
Sight: Blind
Personality: Pure, calming. She likes to listen and learn. She has self discipline and enjoys all that their is to enjoy.
History: The God of Obedience stole her sight out of jealousy for it was corrupt by a human man, never to return it. She vowed to never allow anger into her heart and thus begun to learn how to manipulate all of the senses in the body. She is to remain a peacemaker for the gods until she withers when the last human stops believing. Maion taught her self hand to hand combat by listening to the God of War train the humans below, she does not like to fight but will if it means peace.

(it'll get better as I go along =^___^=)
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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Records   

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Hall of Records
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