It's been just over 3 years since FFD opened, and it's been a close knit community, one which we've all been able to share our problems together, talk freely and discuss any kind of topic that we wanted, from Final Fantasy to problems with school.

Unfortunately, the decision was made to archive the board while it still had some minimal activity, rather than let spammers come and take over, which I think we will all agree on. Although there was the fair share of drama, people leaving and not much activity, the fact that we managed to keep it going until now is a statement to say that we weren't going to let it go down without trying our best to keep it open.

So after 3 years, 50000 posts and over 1000 topics later, with one of the best and closest communities on the web, FFDiscussion has closed on the 1st December 2010

Home to final fantasy talks and much more. Rp, thread games, general chat, and show off sections are all active. Enjoy the community!
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Admins returning after December 1st, please check the Elite Eight board, and read the sticky thread for more info.

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 Sonic's App

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PostSubject: Sonic's App   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:18 am

Name: (Known as)Sonic
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127
Physical appearance: Sonic's hair color is light blue and long to his shoulders. It's normally hard and stuck together in a spikey way and flicks out at the ends. His eyes are green, and his skin color is white. He has no scars or marks on his body. His face is sleek and his gaze is sharp. He's skinny with a muscular frame.
Clothes: For his uniform, it's a long white coat that stretches down to his knees & the buttons are undone revealing his white shirt underneath. His pants are white & so are his boots. He wears a silver chain under his shirt. He weara a silver belt around his waist That has several leather bags of supplies he may need.
Casual clothing: Wears blue jeans and a white T-shirt with brown boots.
Formal: Wears Black pants and a black Jacket buttoned up with a white shirt underneath.
Personality: A nice guy who cares about other's well being. He hates being late & dissapointments. He normally keeps to himself but always welcomes a friendly person who wants to talk with him. He loves music and chess. He won't be mean to others unless they deserve to be mean to. He's smart & always tries to make the right choice.
Weapons & Abilities: He carrys around a special sword that was forged with parts of daimond. He has the ability to manipulate water & turn it into Ice. The only way for him to do this is to have water near by that he can manipulate. He carries around several cantines that contain water for him to use. He sometimes coats his sword in water to turn it into an IceBrand. He's good with magic casting.
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Area of Study: Studies Magic, sword magic, combat, & elements.
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PostSubject: Re: Sonic's App   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:39 am

Well done, sorry about the delay.

You'll be in dorm 012.


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Sonic's App
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