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So after 3 years, 50000 posts and over 1000 topics later, with one of the best and closest communities on the web, FFDiscussion has closed on the 1st December 2010

Home to final fantasy talks and much more. Rp, thread games, general chat, and show off sections are all active. Enjoy the community!
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 Room Number 651- Ms. Boleshevik's Elemental Training

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PostSubject: Room Number 651- Ms. Boleshevik's Elemental Training   Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:21 pm

Faina walked slowly down the halls, remembering how it was when she had been a student. Not much has changed. The hallways were still large and tastefully decorated. It smelled like wood and... Home. Faina had loved this place as a teenager. It has been her true home- her Haven.

She stopped in front of room number 651, her new classroom. She unlocked the door and stepped inside, unsure of what to expect. She had never seen it before, never had a class there. The room was very big and the walls were a dark oak- almost red. Giant bay windows covered the north and west walls and could easily be opened to take her students closer to the elements that she would be teaching them so much about.

Bookcases lined the other two walls. They were filled with books about every element and healing talent and herb. She smiled to herself. The students would be terrified to see so many books in a single classroom. Her desk was simple and empty. She assumed it would soon be full of papers that needed grading. She made a mental note to enjoy this while it lasted.

Taking a seat, she counted the desks. They only took up a small space in the center of the room and could be pushed to the sides in a few moments to make space for the dummies in the closets and practice. There were actually only 12 desks, which meant a small class, though she doubted that many seats would even be needed.

She sighed and waited for her students to arrive. "Here we go..."

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Room Number 651- Ms. Boleshevik's Elemental Training
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