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Unfortunately, the decision was made to archive the board while it still had some minimal activity, rather than let spammers come and take over, which I think we will all agree on. Although there was the fair share of drama, people leaving and not much activity, the fact that we managed to keep it going until now is a statement to say that we weren't going to let it go down without trying our best to keep it open.

So after 3 years, 50000 posts and over 1000 topics later, with one of the best and closest communities on the web, FFDiscussion has closed on the 1st December 2010

Home to final fantasy talks and much more. Rp, thread games, general chat, and show off sections are all active. Enjoy the community!
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 The Return.

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PostSubject: The Return.   Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:13 am

A shadowy figure sits silently on a throne composed of both light...and shadow. The two forces spiral and warp between each other, flowing with the elegance of water in and out of perpetual harmony. Around the throne stood eight, enormous pillars that rose to the very heavens above...

The first...a fiery prominence of all consuming fire.

The second...an impenetrable monolith composed of various metals, wood, soil, and stone.

Third...a beauteous stream of the purest of water.

Fourth...a gentle whirlwind of fresh, untainted air.

Fifth...shining beam of various energies.

Sixth...a distorting line of space that appears to fading in and out of existence.

Seventh...a delicate flower lit by a faint golden stream that was racing through and repeating it's various stages in life..representing time.

And last, a misty ether magenta in coloration streaming from an unmarked gravestone...the essence of spirit.

The man who sat upon the throne stared off into the distance...awaiting any and all who would dare approach him...for he was thrust upon this world again...and all shall know, for it is the will of fate.

All must know...and all will know...that he has returned.

The Seraphim...

The Archdemon...

The Celestial...

The King of Mankind...

Nick...has returned.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return.   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:36 am

From the sky came a loud rumble as the sky fortress of the mad doctor flew over the majestic spectacle. Looking at his view screen from within the inner sanctum of the lab, he scrutinized the being that sat in the throne with utter discontent . He knew who it was. The history books could offer more information about this being then he would ever need and that was why he was unhappy.

"The king of humanity? Bah ,what utter rubbish. Disappearing for so long and appearing again expecting to be hailed, bah he can go burn in hell. There is no God there is no celestial being for nothing that is omnipotent can exist. I will not except any human thinking he can take such a title and get away with it. He is no more demon, yes, just like those of old, one that seeked the reverance of a race that was lower than itself... was. I don't know what kind of demon has been sent to the Earth this time but I shall vanquish it just like my ancestors before me and my family did when they slaughtered demons. I shall show this being that something like him is not needed, that we humans are the ones in control!"

Staring at the pillars of power, he grunted as he pulled himself to his feet, walking down the path to his armoury. Picking the best of everything, he contemplated the being that had appeared as he stepped into the teleporter.

* * * * * *

Strolling down the short path ahead to the throne, he looked up at the "King of Humanity" with a look of utter disgust and hate.

"Power levels seem rather dangerous, at any rate he is no normal enemy. Are you sure about this?" Rang the worried yet melodic voice of the AI in his head as the distance closed between he and the demon. Giving a nod and whispering her some words of comfort, he moved forward till he was directly under the throne where he stood defiantly against the power surging around him.

"You! You on the throne over there, I don't know who the hell you think you are, but if you who you seem to, then let me tell you this. There is no way that humanity will accept your existence after so long and if there is one thing I hate, it's religion, especially one with an over egotistic God. It's time for a new ruler. If you truly are the king of humanity then killing you would give me said title, he yelled as he drew the bonesaw at the opponent before him, "and thus free reign for my experiments. Come, I shall show you that an outdated pseudo God has no place in this world."
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Male Number of posts : 799
Age : 29
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Job/hobbies : World Domination (696)
Biography : I'm a fun loving, easy going, sarcastic, funny, power-hungry man of men.Talk to me ;D.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return.   Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:12 pm

(I don't want this to be a god damn one on one!!!! Anyone else DX!? I'm sorry Ricky, if no one else posts then I wil kick start this shiz off!)
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PostSubject: Re: The Return.   Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:29 pm

[Lets see if I got it still.]

A being unlike any other walks across his field once again, feeling the pulses the shadows send to him from all over the universe and beyond.

"Why did you come back....Nick."

The being clad in a dark cloak, darker then the darkest sky, walks across his home. The grass welcomes his armored footsteps, as he continues wandering the middle of his field trying to think of what to do.
As a quick breeze shoots across the Ocean of green blades he quietly says to himself,
"Then it shall be."

He disappears as fast as he came into sight with a slight vibration of air and shadows.

"A Shadowblade arises to take the challenge, and to seek power", the shadows all seem to say to themselves in a harmonic silence as the warrior of darkness and chaos steps silently from the darkness far behind the warrior with the bonesaw. He takes up the grand image of nick with a slight smirk whilst he mutters one word:

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PostSubject: Re: The Return.   

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The Return.
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